How to avoid bicycling accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | in Personal Injury |

Bicyclist accidents in California can be catastrophic for everyone involved. While drivers have a responsibility to look out for bicycles on the road, cyclists also have a responsibility to look after their own safety. Here’s some tips on avoiding bicycle accidents.

How can bicyclists stay safe on the road?

When you ride your bike, it’s important to make sure that all your equipment is in working order. Invest in a helmet that fits snugly on your head and won’t fly off if you get in an auto accident. Make sure that everything on your bike is working properly, especially the brakes. Check the tires and make sure that they’re inflated before hitting the road. If a single part malfunctions during your ride, you might end up with a serious injury.

If you’re carrying items with you, make sure they’re tucked away in a backpack or securely strapped to the back of your bike. If something falls out, it could distract you or create an obstacle on the road. It’s also important to plan your route beforehand. If you’re going to be on the highway, try to take the route that avoids traffic as much as possible. Drivers are supposed to watch out for bicyclists, but that doesn’t mean they actually will.

Were you injured in a bicycling accident?

You can take all the safety precautions possible and still get injured because of another person’s negligence. When a bicycle and a passenger vehicle collide, the person on the bike typically suffers the most serious injuries.

Talk to an attorney about collecting compensation for your injuries. If the driver had insurance, it might be a simple matter of filing a claim with their insurance company. However, you might have to sue the driver if they weren’t carrying insurance at the time.