Did pedestrian fatalities increase in 2020?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Personal Injury |

California drivers taking steps to be more careful behind the wheel could do their part to prevent accidents with pedestrians on the road. However, not every driver makes safety a top priority, which increases the chances of an accident. Strangely, pedestrian accident figures appeared higher in the past year even though fewer people took to the road.

Fewer drivers could mean greater problems

According to recent figures, 2020 saw a remarkable and frightening increase in pedestrian deaths. That may seem like a strange correlation since fewer people drove during 2020, but fewer vehicles on the road could lead some drivers to violate traffic laws.

With not as many cars to deal with, drivers may speed more often, not come to complete stops, pick up speed to pass through intersections and perform other ill-advisable actions. Disregarding safety brings great dangers to pedestrians who may be crossing at an intersection or otherwise going about their business. It only takes one driver letting their guard down for an unfortunate accident to occur.

Pedestrians and fatalities

A pedestrian could suffer horrible injuries when hit by a car. Fatalities may occur depending upon the injuries. Some may survive but still suffer brain trauma, paralysis or other life-altering consequences along with extensive medical bills for surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation.

Drivers who behave negligently could find themselves held liable for the injuries. A wrongful death suit might seek enormous sums of punitive damages, possibly leading to a lawsuit that seeks damages beyond insurance limits.

Pedestrians hurt by a negligent driver may want to explore their legal options with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may suggest seeking an insurance settlement as a way to recover losses.