What are attractive nuisances and how can they cause harm?

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You may have never heard the term “attractive nuisances” in California, but they are present everywhere, possibly including on your own property. These things can pose significant dangers to children and lead to personal injury.

What is an attractive nuisance?

An attractive nuisance is any type of object or structure that’s on a property and usually attractive to young children. Sadly, children can easily suffer personal injury as a result of their presence on your property. Some of the most common attractive nuisances include the following:

  • Fire pits
  • Fountains
  • Hot tubs
  • Playgrounds
  • Pools
  • Trampolines
  • Tree houses

Minimizing the risk

In addition to the above structures being considered attractive nuisances, other items can also be an issue. Even things like old cars, appliances, barbecue grills and gardening equipment can lead to children suffering injuries. While you don’t have to eliminate these things from your property, you should take precautions to minimize the risk. The following steps can prevent accidents:

Keep your property clean: Pick up and put away anything that might be dangerous around your property. Sell or get rid of unused, old items.

  • Keep dangerous items out of kids’ reach: Anything dangerous should be stored away in your garage or shed. You can lock things away and cover your grill, pool and hot tub.
  • Install a gate and lock: Having a gate with a lock installed can keep neighborhood children off your property so that they can’t get hurt.
  • Always supervise: Always keep an eye on children on your property if you have any attractive nuisances.
  • Get adequate coverage: Ensure that you have enough liability coverage through your homeowner’s insurance.

Attractive nuisances may keep your children entertained while outdoors, but if you don’t properly supervise them, your children or others in the neighborhood can have an accident and suffer a personal injury. Attractive nuisances commonly lead to many injuries during the summer in particular. If another family’s child gets injured on your property, you can be held liable.