Why were there so many pedestrian fatalities in 2020?

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Pedestrians face dangers when crossing the street, even in neighborhoods not known for heavy traffic. Those walking around busier streets could face more significant risks due to the many vehicles moving around. Data from 2020 shows that pedestrians may be in greater trouble than in previous years as the fatality statistics are alarming.

2020 brought incredible dangers to pedestrians

The past year saw a decrease in drivers on the road, which would leave some people to assume that accident figures reflect fewer injuries and deaths. Surprisingly, that is not the case: The first six months of 2020 saw a 20% increase in pedestrian fatalities.

A reduction in vehicles commuting on streets and highways does not necessarily mean fewer cars and a lower number of crashes. Rather, some drivers see the less congested road conditions as a green light to drive more dangerously. For example, some drivers may not signal before turning, or they may run red lights.

Research shows that a decrease in drivers led those on the road to speed more and engage in other dangerous behaviors. Distracted and impaired driving, such as driving while intoxicated, contributed to crashes. Fewer vehicles on the road do not mean fewer pedestrians, however, and placing pedestrians near reckless drivers often adds up to catastrophe.

Negligent driving and its aftermath

Pedestrian accidents caused by someone’s negligent behavior may result in a victim wanting compensation for injuries. When a pedestrian dies after being hit by a car, a wrongful death suit on behalf of a family member could seek huge sums in damages. Negligence, in any form, might bring civil actions against a liable party.