Do the police have the right to search your home?

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When the police come knocking on your door, it might feel like a knee-jerk reaction to just let them in. After all, you have likely grown up hearing that police will leave you alone if you have done nothing wrong.

But as we age, we realize that this is not always the case. So when you get faced with police at your door, should you just let them in automatically?

When can police enter your home?

Flex Your Rights discusses what you can do if the police knock on your door. First, know that police can only enter your home under three conditions. First, if they have a search warrant from a judge. If they do, there is nothing you can do to stop them from entering your property and looking around.

Second, they can enter if they have a legitimate reason to believe that entering the premises will allow them to stop a crime in progress. For example, if they see someone actively getting assaulted within your home through a window, then they have the right to break into your home. They can find an easy reason to search the premises after.

Finally, they can enter if you give them express permission. They may get this okay to enter through somewhat tricky or underhanded means, such as claiming that they are simply performing a routine security check in the area and want to give your smoke detectors or other safety equipment a quick look.

Do you need to give them entry?

If they do not have a warrant and they do not have a reason to enter the premises, then you can simply avoid permitting them to enter and they will have no choice but to eventually leave. This can give you the valuable time needed to collect your thoughts and regroup.