How can a DUI affect your college opportunities?

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Facing a DUI charge in any respect can pose a seriously harrowing experience. Of course, DUI convictions can have a potentially huge impact on just about anyone’s life, from their work situation to the jobs they can apply to.

But DUI convictions pose a unique threat to people who intend to apply for college soon, or otherwise look for college opportunities.

Denial of entry

The College Investor points out the dangers of a DUI conviction in terms of how it can impact a person’s future. Specifically, they discuss the potential impact that a conviction of this magnitude could have on a prospective student’s attempts at getting into college.

First, it is unlikely that a college board will completely deny a student entry into their institution for a DUI conviction. However, some exceptions exist. If a potential student did massive property damage or hurt or even killed another person in their DUI incident, the board may not want the bad press that could go with accepting such a student. They might deny the application for that reason.

Increased financial hurdles

But even if a student’s application gets accepted, that is not necessarily the end of it. They will likely face more financial hurdles than their peers. Most avenues of gaining financial support through non-government loans will close off to them. They will likely struggle to find any contests or sponsorship programs that will give them money.

Because of this, they often have to pay out of pocket for their college expenses in full. Unfortunately, this alone is enough to price many prospective students out of attending their college of choice and is why any DUI charge should get taken seriously.