Do electric vehicles put pedestrians in danger?

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If you spend much time outdoors, you undoubtedly know how loud cities can be. Much of the ambient noise you hear comes from internal combustion engines. Therefore, as electric vehicles become increasingly common in the Bay Area and across California, noise levels should drop considerably.

Gas-powered vehicles have been the norm throughout your life. While you may not realize it, you recognize approaching vehicles before you see them. That is, because of the sounds gasoline engines produce, you hear cars, trucks and SUVs. This is likely to change sooner or later, though.

Pedestrian warning systems

Many electric vehicles have pedestrian warning systems that emit a tone when pedestrians are present. Still, there are few regulations that cover how warning systems must sound. Furthermore, until more electric vehicles pop up on roadways across the country, pedestrians may not automatically recognize the warning tones.

According to reporting from CNN, Tesla, a famous manufacturer of electric vehicles, recently recalled nearly half-million vehicles due to a faulty pedestrian warning system.  Government officials requested the recall because of the strange and even crude sounds Tesla’s warning system could emit.

A safety strategy

Until you can instinctively identify electric vehicles, it is important to employ a safety strategy every time you go for a walk. Whenever possible, you should use designated walkways where electric vehicles cannot travel. You also may want to look twice before crossing the street.

The first time you hear a pedestrian warning system, the sound may catch you off guard or even startle you. Ultimately, though, by training your brain to listen for these systems, you are likely to decrease your chances of suffering a catastrophic injury in a collision with an electric vehicle.