How are head injuries treated?

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Head injuries can result from many occurrences, including car accidents and falls. Some injuries are minor and cause bothersome yet temporary effects. Others have lasting consequences and require long-term treatment.

Finding the right head injury treatment is crucial for leading a full and happy life. Here are a few methods used to address these injuries and restore function to the patient.

Rest and monitoring

Mild head injuries, such as concussions, do not usually require advanced medical treatment. Instead, healthcare staff may recommend that the patient rest for a few days while taking over-the-counter pain medication to address swelling and discomfort. Monitoring ensures that any changes in the condition receive timely treatment.

Emergency care

Severe swelling and bleeding require immediate emergency treatment to prevent further ill effects. If a skull fracture accompanies the head injury, doctors may perform surgery to repair the damaged bone tissue. The goal is to minimize effects so that the patient can move to the next phase of recovery.

Rehab and therapy

Moderate to severe injuries often require rehabilitation if the patient can no longer perform basic functions and tasks. This therapy can help a person achieve mobility again or assist them with communication. Physical therapists work on building muscle strength and flexibility for improved movement.

Major head injuries can also affect a person’s ability to hold gainful employment. In this case, the patient can visit a vocational therapist, who will help them build their skills and abilities to ease their transition back into the workforce. It is not always possible to make a complete recovery, but the right treatment can have a definite improvement on the patient’s life.