Do you have an undiagnosed repetitive stress injury?

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Working any job at all will come along with a share of potential risks. Some jobs hold higher levels of risk than others, such as construction industry positions. But all jobs will have some level of potential danger, even if they are simple desk jobs.

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) pose an issue for anyone who engages in repetitive motion, for example. In fact, a worker may suffer from one of these injuries without even knowing it.

Basics about RSIs

Healthline mentions the prevalence of repetitive stress injuries, which affect many workers throughout the nation. These injuries occur as a result of an overworking of certain joints, muscles and general parts of the body, which can happen if a worker does the same motion every day. Examples include cashiers, mechanics, receptionists, surgeons and food workers.

An RSI will often show symptoms that may seem mild at first. A victim may not even recognize the signs at the start, especially in instances where the damage appears minor in early stages. However, workers should keep an eye out for the following sets of symptoms.

Signs of an RSI

The first involves changes to the sensation of the affected area. This can include an increase in feelings of pain, discomfort, numbness or tingling. Generally speaking, the pain will start to appear while the affected area is in motion but may eventually become a nonstop issue.

The second includes changes to the range of motion. An area affected by an RSI will experience inflammation and swelling, which will make it difficult to fully extend or retract the limb.

It is important for RSI sufferers to get immediate treatment to prevent long-term damage from happening.