How do crush injuries happen?

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Crush injuries are often very serious and can impact anyone. This is in spite of the popular belief that these injuries only happen at industrial or construction-related workplaces.

So how do crush injuries happen? Are any fields particularly susceptible to them?

Fields with high levels of crush injuries

Up To Date discusses the impact of crush injuries on those who suffer from them. These injuries occur in any situation where a person’s body – either part of it or the entirety – ends up crushed beneath or between larger or heavier objects.

The fields that are particularly susceptible to crush injuries do include construction and industrial jobs like manufacturing, canning, fishing and so on. Warehouse workers also face a higher rate of risk due to the high volume of heavy material they tend to move around.

Outside of these jobs, anyone who works with large or heavy equipment is potentially at risk for crush injuries. This includes people working in medical or technological fields.

Car crashes and natural disasters

Additionally, anyone could suffer from a crush injury if they end up involved in a car crash. Despite the crash cages and other safety features intended to keep individuals safe from exactly this issue, they do still occur.

Natural disasters – earthquakes and hurricanes in particular – can also come with a risk of crush injuries in the form of debris or building collapses. This is a common cause of serious injury among victims of such weather-related calamities.

Thus, crush injury sources actually vary quite a bit and can happen to essentially anyone due to everything from the weather to automotive accidents.