How much does a California DUI increase your auto insurance?

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When a California traffic stop leads to a charge of driving while under the influence, and then that charge leads to a conviction, your life may change considerably in the aftermath. Even a first-time California DUI means serious legal and financial repercussions, and some of those repercussions have the capacity to impact you for years to come.

According to, your automotive insurance rates are going to rise after a conviction for drunk driving. How much they are going to increase will depend on several variables, among them the state in which you live.

How much of an increase to expect in California

On the national level, car insurance rates typically rise between about 28% and 371%. In California, if your driving record is otherwise fairly decent, you should expect your annual car insurance premiums to rise about 186%. Say before your DUI you paid about $1,783 for a year of insurance coverage, which is pretty standard. After a first-time DUI conviction, you should plan on paying closer to $5,093 a year, which amounts to an annual increase of $3,310.

How to find the best rate available to you

Most people with drunk driving convictions are able to find a manageable rate by shopping around a bit. Some insurance providers are more forgiving when you have a drunk driving arrest in your driving history than others. Different providers also use different strategies and formulas to decide what to charge you, so it makes sense to get quotes from several providers before selecting one.

As you might imagine, your insurance rates continue to increase with each subsequent DUI arrest and conviction.