Fatal commercial truck crashes increased 13% in 2021

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Many motorists feel ill at ease when they have to maneuver around large commercial trucks, and their concerns have merit. When cars collide with commercial trucks, those riding in the smaller vehicles are more prone to injuries and fatalities than the party driving the truck. Also, studies show that the number of commercial truck drivers raking dangerous risks behind the wheel is on the rise.

According to Trucking Info, the number of road deaths involving large trucks rose by 13% in 2021. This raises questions about what might be causing the increase and what trucking companies and safety officials might do to combat the increase and enhance safety on the nation’s roads.

How often fatalities involving commercial trucks occur

In 2021, 5,601 people lost their lives across the nation in collisions involving one or more commercial trucks. In 2020, there were 4,965 such road deaths. Also, fatal truck crashes rose in nine out of 12 months during 2021, with fatality numbers declining only in January, February and October.

What might contribute to commercial truck-involved fatalities

Many different factors contribute to fatal commercial truck wrecks. In many cases, it is the driver’s own errors that make fatal crashes more likely. Drug use is on the rise among this population, and the use of any drug has the potential to impact a trucker’s driving ability. Air brake issues also contribute to many fatal truck crashes, and sometimes, these issues arise because a truck driver over-relies on the air brake system, causing it to malfunction.

How 2022’s commercial truck crash numbers compare to those seen in 2021 is not yet clear.