How can an attorney maximize your settlement in a truck accident case?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | in Personal Injury, Personal Injury |

Truck accidents can be the most devastating road collisions, resulting in a mountain of medical bills and auto repair costs. While you may hope the insurer of the truck company will compensate you following a truck collision, going it alone could shortchange your damages.

Many people are not aware of how insurance companies negotiate injury claims. Fortunately, an experienced attorney understands how to deal with insurers on behalf of claimants and secure a fair settlement.

The negotiation process

Insurance companies engage in a variety of negotiating tactics. They usually offer a low amount at first to see if a claimant understands the facts of the claim. Insurers sometimes cast doubt that a claimant has suffered injury to verify the evidence supporting the claim. If an insurance company refuses to honor a claim, a claimant may have to go to court to achieve compensation.

A professional attorney is more likely to counter insurer tactics and reach a reasonable settlement. Recently, the Jachimowicz Law Group handled a case in which a big rig struck a vehicle with two parents and two adult sisters. The firm secured damages from the insurers that covered the big rig through mediation, avoiding a lengthy litigation.

Policy limits

Insurance companies only pay for damages up to a specified limit. In the big rig case, the Jachimowicz Law Group dealt with three different insurers that covered the truck. Each insurer had a $1,000,000 policy limit. However, since multiple insurers provided coverage, the firm achieved a combined settlement of $2,930,000 for the injured parties.

Deciphering the fine print of an insurance policy is one of many assets a professional attorney brings to the process. If you are suffering due to a truck collision, understand that help may be available to get you the best possible settlement.