Study shows teen drivers prone to speeding, texting

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California’s more experienced drivers are often better at avoiding car accidents than newer, teenage motorists. Studies show that car crash risks tend to decrease as a driver grows older. While teen drivers pose a threat to others on the roadway simply due to their inexperience and risk aversion, research shows that many drivers within the teenage age range are also taking dangerous risks behind the wheel.

According to U.S. News and World Reports, a new study that details teenage driving habits shows how often teen motorists are risking their lives and those of others by engaging in dangerous driving behaviors.

How often teens are texting and speeding

Studies show that teen motorists are prone to speeding as well as texting behind the wheel, both of which are highly dangerous behaviors that raise the odds of a crash. Today’s teen drivers admit to traveling above the posted speed limit on 40% of the trips they take. They also report using handheld cellphones during 30% of the trips they take and speeding and using a cellphone, together, during 5% of their excursions.

How often teens are engaging in other dangerous behaviors

The study also revealed that teenagers are more prone to engaging in other risky driving behaviors, including accelerating rapidly and hitting the brakes hard, during about 10% of their excursions. Male teen drivers were more likely to engage in either of these behaviors than young female drivers.

Parents of new drivers may be able to help enhance roadway safety by monitoring their teens while they drive until they become more responsible and gain more driving experience.