Teen drivers cause more than 10% of California’s fatal crashes

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California’s teenage drivers do not have the same degree of behind-the-wheel experience as older motorists, making them less likely to be able to avoid a crash. However, many teen drivers across the state and nation are also engaging in dangerous behaviors while driving that raise the chances of a fatal accident.

According to Bankrate, teen drivers are responsible for 10.7% of all deadly crashes that take place in California.

When fatal teen driver-involved crashes occur most

Studies show that the worst time of day for fatal crashes involving teen motorists is between 9 p.m. and midnight and that the worst days for them are Saturdays and Sundays. Many fatal and nonfatal car wrecks involving young drivers share similar elements in common.

What factors contribute to fatal teen driver-involved crashes

When teen drivers have teenage passengers in their cars and crash, the teen passenger’s presence raises the odds of that crash proving fatal. Also, the risk increases with each additional teen passenger riding in a car. This is likely due in part to the fact that teenage passengers are a significant source of distraction for young drivers.

Cellphones also play a role in many distraction-related crashes involving teens. Eating or drinking at the wheel also raises crash risks for drivers across all age groups, and even listening to music or changing the radio station has the potential to do the same. About 10% of fatal teen-involved car accidents involve at least one form of driver distraction.

Tailgating and speeding are other common contributors to fatal and nonfatal wrecks involving teen drivers.