Common causes of motorcycle crashes

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Motorcycles are not so dangerous when driven on an open road, without many obstacles or other vehicles around.

Of course, most motorcyclists do not drive under these conditions. And unfortunately, the addition of other cars can lead to an increased risk of crashing for these motorcyclists.

Visibility issues

The United States Department of Transportation discusses that visibility is among one of the biggest consistent issues for motorcycles.

Truck drivers and even drivers in regular passenger vehicles often sit higher above the ground and may not spot a motorcyclist when turning or attempting to shift lanes, especially if they do not do a thorough check beforehand.

Even a driver opening the door into the street after parking their car can cause a huge issue and potential injury for a motorcyclist.

Improper handling

Driving a car and driving a motorcycle are two very different things. Sometimes, new motorcyclists will attempt to maneuver their motorcycle in a way similar to a vehicle. However, the turning of the handlebars will affect the direction and maneuverability of a motorcycle much more sharply than the turning of a wheel in a car.

Because of this, sudden swerving or attempts at stopping may end up actually causing a motorcyclist to crash or fall from their bike.

Physical debris and road damage

Finally, debris on the road and things like potholes and other road damage have a much bigger impact on motorcyclists. They are closer to the road. They have much less traction. Even something as seemingly small as a tiny oil spill from another truck could create the conditions needed to send a motorcyclist spinning.

Understanding these risks can help motorcyclists new and old alike figure out better and safer maneuverability methods when on the road with other cars.