What should drivers know about California vehicle code 21200?

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California vehicle code 21200 applies to bike riders. But as part of the vehicle code, it is important for drivers to also know what it includes and how it applies to them.

This code aims to ensure bike riders understand the law and sees them no differently than other vehicles on the road. They must follow the same rules as other road occupants.

Specific rules to follow

Drivers should treat bicyclists the same as any other vehicle. You should pass a bicycle in the same way you would pass another car. You need to understand as well that bikes must obey all traffic signs. For example, at a stop sign, you should treat them like another vehicle.

Important points

While bike riders must follow road laws, it is important for drivers to understand they must watch out for them. They are much smaller and more susceptible to being victims of accidents.

In addition, while you had to go through a lot to get your driver’s license, bike riders did not. There is not even an age limit for riding a bike on the road. So, you may be interacting with small children who do not understand the road rules.

Law enforcement on bikes

Vehicle code 21200 also applies to officers using bikes. However, it exempts them from many of the rules as needed to carry out their duties. So, be aware that you still must follow directions and yield to an officer on a bike just as you would one in a vehicle.

The most important thing to remember about sharing the roads with bicyclists is you need to watch out for them because they are much more vulnerable than people in other vehicles.