Four Important Issues if You Get Laid Off From Your Job

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Four Important Issues if You Get Laid Off From Your Job

Shifts in labor force requirements can happen for a variety of reasons. A job lay-off may take you by surprise or it may have been something that was whispered about weeks or even months before it actually happened. In either case, a lay-off can present a major hurdle in terms of your career. It can also leave you facing serious financial insecurity as you struggle to meet your monthly bills and other obligations. As experienced San Jose employment law attorneys, we want you to be aware of four important areas that need to be addressed if you find yourself in this situation.

Job Lay-Offs Impact More Than 500 in the Bay Area

Cisco Systems is one of the largest employers in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, some who have built careers at the tech conglomerate’s San Jose headquarters have found themselves holding pink slips in recent months. The company recently announced it would be immediately laying off more than 500 workers, the second round of lay-offs by the company over the past 12 months.

Four hundred of the cuts impacted employees at the company’s headquarters while close to 100 others were laid off from the Milpitas location. Nearly all of those affected by the job cuts worked in the engineering department. Software engineers, engineering technical leaders, and program managers were among those whose positions were eliminated. The cuts come as Cisco has switched its focus from hardware to software over recent years. Five hundred employees were previously laid off in November of 2018 while more than 1,600 Cisco employees found themselves out of work over the prior two year period.

Getting the Benefits You Are Entitled to After a Lay-Off

A lay-off can come as a shock and it is natural to need a few days to recover from the news. However, in order to protect your rights and maintain your financial security, you will need to assess the situation as soon as possible. Consider what benefits you may be entitled to as a result of your position being terminated. Areas to pay close attention to include:

  • Severance pay: Check with human resources and review your employee handbook or your employee contract to see if you may be entitled to severance pay.
  • Health benefits: Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), you may be entitled to keep your group health insurance benefits.
  • Unemployment benefits: Benefits available through the local unemployment office can help you meet your financial obligations while you look for a new job.
  • Job retraining and referral services: Some companies provide referrals for job training programs or other services to employees whose positions were terminated.

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