Dealing With Dangerous Customers

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In light of recent mass shootings and other violent events, workplace violence is a growing concern for everyone. Unfortunately, people in customer service jobs who interact with the general public on a regular basis are more at risk. A recent incident in San Jose highlights the potential dangers. As local employment law attorneys, we want you to be aware of the warning signs.

San Jose Suicide Exposes Hotel Workers to Dangerous Chemicals

A recent incident at a hotel in San Jose left one woman dead and left several workers suffering potentially serious health issues. A woman committed suicide in a room on the 19th floor of the popular Hotel Fairmont, using a mix of undisclosed but dangerous chemicals. Guests in surrounding rooms first became aware of the situation when they noticed an unusual smell in the hallways. They reported the smell to hotel employees, who immediately responded to the scene.

It was not obvious what had transpired in the woman’s room, other than that she had intended to take her own life. It was also not disclosed what mix of chemicals she used. However, the toxic fumes they gave off left eight people sickened, all of whom were hotel employees and members of the housekeeping staff.