Apple infotainment risky for distraction and personal injury

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Auto accidents in California can happen for various reasons. In the current environment, some of the most common causes are distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While distraction is often believed to be due to cellphone use, other factors related to technological improvements are also leading to distracted drivers and car accidents.

A recent study from a United Kingdom safety charity found that CarPlay by Apple diminishes the speed at which drivers react behind the wheel worse than driving after using marijuana, operating while over the legal limit for alcohol, or texting and driving. According to IAM RoadSmart, CarPlay can improve the user experience in terms of infotainment, but it hinders safe driving practices.

In the study, 20 users of CarPlay and 20 users of Android Auto drove a standard route, taking three turns each. Performing various tasks common to driving, they did so without the infotainment, while using voice assist and while using touch controls. The simulator sought to gauge drivers as they tried to stay in their lanes and attempted to control their speed. The drivers’ gaze and how they assessed their own performance were also tracked. Other stimuli like a red bar on the screen were used to analyze driver reaction.

Drivers using voice controls were safer than touch controls. Still, neither were considered optimal for safe driving. The dangers can be mitigated by companies being more vigilant about safety, such as by encouraging pre-programming before getting behind the wheel, improving warning systems and including a star rating about the possibility of distraction. When a person is facing the aftermath of an auto accident with personal injury or the loss of a loved one, understanding how the collision happened can be critical. Legal assistance might be useful toward gathering evidence and filing a lawsuit.