Representing California Drivers After Car Accident Injuries

Our San Jose motor vehicle accident lawyers have decades of experience representing clients injured throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. From whiplash to wrongful death cases, if you need to pursue compensation, we are on your side. You may have massive medical bills and may be concerned about lost wages. You or a loved one may be paralyzed after a serious accident. Worst of all, you may be grieving after a wrongful death. You may also have an insurance company refusing to pay on your claim. This is more likely when your claim is for a substantial amount of money. We are prepared to help no matter the circumstances.

Since we only accept cases on contingency, we do not collect fees unless we win. As a result, when you call us for a free consultation, our lawyers will be completely honest with you about your chances of success. If we do take your case, you will have aggressive litigators on your side who have good reason to be confident. We have helped people throughout Northern California obtain millions of dollars in compensation after car accidents. After a devastating accident, you deserve attorneys who know how to win. Jachimowicz Law Group offers free consultations with San Jose motor vehicle accident lawyers who have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients throughout Northern California: 408-550-1732.

Need A Lawyer After A San Jose Car Accident?

If you need a lawyer after a car accident, there are many choices but there is only one Jachimowicz Law Group. Our San Jose injury law firm serves car accident victims throughout Northern California including people who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda Counties. For more than 30 years, we have represented clients in personal injury cases and are prepared for even the most complex litigation including the following:

  • Accidents caused by drunk or drugged driving which may entitle victims to punitive damages
  • Mass transit accidents that involve complex litigation involving municipal authorities
  • MUNI/BART/Caltrain accidents
  • Pedestrian-related collisions
  • Truck collisions involving out-of-state commercial trucking companies
  • Accidents where victims were partially at-fault

Our lawyers are hobby motorcyclists who offer a unique perspective and passion when motorcycle accident injuries are mentioned. The lawyers at Jachimowicz Law Group can help you file a claim quickly and pursue much needed compensation.

Do Not Hesitate To Call

Our San Jose motor vehicle accident lawyers also know how to identify all liable parties in car accidents which can maximize your compensation. We are available to help no matter when your accident occurred but you are urged to contact us immediately after a car crash. Your initial consultation is free.