Common types of employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | employee rights |

Perhaps one of the most common illegal acts conducted within companies across California and the nation is workplace discrimination. According to the EEOC, over 100,000 cases are reported involving workplace discrimination each year. To get a closer look into this serious issue, learn about a few of the most common employment discrimination types.

Allergy discrimination

Over 20 million Americans live with some form of allergies that range from mild to severe. These are often visible during the interview process, possibly making it difficult for these people to obtain a job. It should be noted that employment law uses the Americans with Disabilities Act to protect people with allergies from being discriminated against.


Although the question of what religion people follow should not be asked during an interview, some religions require followers to take time off to worship. Some companies refuse to allow this time and thus may be considered to fall under workplace discrimination. This was seen when Kellogg’s was sued for not allowing two employees to take time off. The courts ruled in favor of the two employees, citing a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Gender identity

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, people cannot discriminate due to a person’s sexual orientation or preferred identity. The law was updated in 2020 after multiple legal and political battles. Up to the year 2016, transgender people were not allowed to enlist in the military.

Although the law is clear regarding employment discrimination, there are still cases in which discrimination isn’t too obvious. If you feel like you’ve been discriminated against by a company, it may be beneficial to seek an employment law attorney’s services.