SUVs Cause More Pedestrian-Related Deaths Than Regular Cars

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | in Personal Injury |

California residents may not be aware that pedestrian accidents involving SUVs are a lot more lethal than accidents involving pedestrians and standard cars. This is an extremely important fact that drivers and pedestrians should be aware of so that they can practice caution as much as possible. Having this knowledge may help prevent more deaths simply due to awareness.

Why are SUVs more lethal to pedestrians than regular cars?

One of the key reasons that SUVs are more lethal to pedestrians than regular cars is because of the way they are built. Many American SUVs have traditional, block-front designs. Because of this design, when an SUV hits a pedestrian, it hits the pedestrian’s hips, thighs, and other parts of their lower extremities with extreme force, forcing energy through their bodies and causing catastrophic injuries.

Another reason that SUVs are so lethal is simply because they’re so much larger and heavier than other cars. Their response time may be a bit slower than other cars, and that extra time in the middle of an accident could mean the difference between life and death.

What can be done to reduce the number of SUV-related pedestrian deaths?

One avenue being looked into is the development of pedestrian airbags. These may be able to provide some level of protection for pedestrians once the SUV senses that there’s about to be a collision and deploys the airbags. Another option is changing the slope angle of the front of SUVs so that they inflict less damage in case they do happen to hit someone.

What can a person dealing with an SUV-related injury or death do?

One thing that people dealing with a personal injury or a death related to an SUV crash can do is seek out advice from lawyers who deal with these types of vehicular cases. These lawyers may be able to help lay out possible options for issues like medical care, insurance, and legal issues.