Wage theft affects many workers

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Workers in California should understand that wage theft is a serious issue in the state. Examples of wage theft include paying workers less than the minimum wage and neglecting to give them mealtime and other breaks. The state of California takes wage theft seriously; legally, it’s considered fraud. Workers can seek to recoup their lost wages through the Department of Industrial Relations or via civil court.

Wage theft lawsuits

Wage theft lawsuits can be a particularly effective way of addressing the issue in a large company. Many service industry businesses in California are notorious for alleged employment law violations like wage theft. Frequent offenders include restaurants and security companies. Recently, Amazon Prime Now has been sued for calculating overtime wages incorrectly.

The plaintiff involved in this suit filed her complaint as a class and collective action. The case is being handled by the courts in central California. The plaintiff is a driver; she has produced records showing what her normal rate is and what Amazon believes her overtime rate to be. Per her evidence, the overtime rate that the company paid is actually much lower than it should be. If she wins her case, this could be significant for other Amazon Prime Now drivers. The court might determine that all of them are entitled to some financial remuneration.

Employment law assistance

If you believe that you’re a victim of wage theft, you may want to contact a lawyer. They might be able to win a better settlement for you as an individual than a class-action suit will. Talking to a lawyer may also help you understand what damages you’re entitled to and how best to present your case.