What are some examples of toxic work culture?

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A toxic work culture in California could turn even the most high-paying job into a nightmare. Discrimination and sexual harassment can have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health and make them dread going to work every day. Unfortunately, thousands of lawsuits are filed every year by employees who were alienated by a toxic workplace. Often, they feel like filing a lawsuit is their last chance to hold their harassers accountable.

What are some examples of a toxic work culture?

Any form of discrimination or harassment can create a toxic work culture. For example, a former Pinterest employee filed a lawsuit against the company in 2020. In the lawsuit, she alleged that her fellow employees left her out of meetings and treated her badly because she was a woman. She also said that she was paid less than male counterparts. When she brought her concerns to the Pinterest higher-ups, she was allegedly fired in retaliation.

Another example comes from Pinterest shareholders who launched their own lawsuit in 2020. According to the shareholders, Pinterest allegedly created a toxic work culture by promoting white male employees and ignoring women and people of color. Supposedly, the CEO of Pinterest deliberately surrounded himself with like-minded men who marginalized their co-workers. According to employment law, this kind of behavior is illegal.

What should you do if you’re dealing with a toxic workplace?

If you’re dealing with harassment or discrimination in the workplace, you can file a complaint within the company. If the company retaliates against you or refuses to take action, you might want to file a lawsuit to hold them accountable. An attorney may help you prepare a lawsuit indicating that the company broke employment law and allowed a toxic workplace to flourish by marginalizing employees.