Is your workplace a hostile environment?

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There are many ways a California workplace can become a hostile environment and make it difficult for employees to do their job well. The environment can be discriminatory and cause employees to feel verbally abused or intimidated. The workplace may feel unwelcome and cause employees to feel scared and uncomfortable.

Your workplace may be a hostile environment if there are offensive comments or jokes made by supervisors. Employees might be demoted or dismissed in an unfair disciplinary process. In many workplaces, women are still paid lower wages than men to do the same type of job. The discriminatory treatment may be disruptive to each person’s job.

How to avoid a hostile environment

If you want to avoid creating a hostile work environment at your place of business, it’s important to post guidelines and policies in the workplace to ensure your employees are aware of behavior that is not permitted. Training and educating your employees is one of the best ways to keep everyone accountable.

It’s also necessary to set up a system that allows your employees to anonymously report harassment or inappropriate behavior. You can perform an investigation immediately after receiving any complaints to ensure that the necessary actions are taken.

Working with an attorney with experience in employment law may help you to prevent a hostile workplace. The attorney may also help you to navigate any lawsuits and take a firm stance to hold all employee behavior accountable.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’ve been affected by working in a hostile environment, contact a legal professional who has experience handling similar cases. An attorney with experience in employment law may also offer their services for cases involving wrongful termination or workplace harassment.