Am I being discriminated against at work based on race or color?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | employee rights |

In San Jose and the surrounding areas, greater attention is being paid to workplace issues and potential violations of employee rights. While much of the focus has been on sexual harassment, various forms of discrimination are still occurring with troubling regularity. Among the most prevalent issues is discrimination based on race or color. If a person believes that this is negatively impacting their work or they have been dismissed because of it, having guidance on the available options is critical.

Understanding types of race or color discrimination

Race or color discrimination is unfortunately common, and people should know how to recognize it. If a prospective or current employee is treated in an unfavorable way due to their race or certain aspects that are generally associated with a particular race like hair type, that is race discrimination.

People who are subjected to problems due to their complexion or skin color may be facing color discrimination. The individual could also be discriminated against because of their spouse or family situation. These discriminatory behaviors are not limited to people of different colors or races – it can happen if the person committing the violations is of the same race or color.

Negative work implications can arise due to these factors. These can include being fired, getting passed over for raises and losing benefits. Harassment also happens with the victim hearing taunts, comments, slurs and seeing symbols associated with stereotypes or outright racism. Light joking or isolated comments that could be misconstrued are generally insufficient to be labeled as a workplace violation, but the circumstances will dictate it.

Professional help can address race and color discrimination

Employee rights violations can happen to anyone, but minorities are frequently the most vulnerable. When there is evidence that race or color discrimination has occurred, it is important to know what steps can be taken. Those who have been fired can get their jobs back and/or receive financial compensation for lost wages. To discuss the case and have guidance on how to proceed, consulting with experienced legal professionals can provide information and help.