Increase of sexual harassment seen in the service industry

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In California and around the country, the service industry is made up in large part of restaurant workers. Many employees in that field are women. Sadly, many women who work in the restaurant industry and the service industry in general complain about sexual harassment while on the job.

What are the complaints from women in the service industry?

Per employment law, sexual harassment is illegal in the restaurant and service industry and in other fields as well. However, the problem might be more widespread in the restaurant industry than perhaps in any other industry sector.

According to a survey, over 70 percent of women who work in restaurants reported to having been sexually harassed. Around half of them claimed they were sexually harassed every week while working. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that it receives more complaints of sexual harassment from workers from the restaurant industry than from any other field.

Why does harassment occur more in the restaurant industry?

According to a study, there are two reasons why women in the restaurant industry so frequently experience sexual harassment. In spite of federal and state laws requiring that everyone be treated fairly and equally at work, these workers heavily depend on tips to earn money. The harassment comes with job requirements to provide service with a smile.

When female restaurant workers are required to behave pleasantly to gain tips, it increases the risk of sexual harassment. Additionally, according to a survey, women who had to accept certain harassing behavior stated that those behaviors made them feel uncomfortable.