San Jose Sexual Harassment Attorneys

San Jose Sexual Harassment Lawyers And Employee Rights Lawyers

Are you an employee of a San Jose business? Do you face a hostile workplace? Are you suffering sexual harassment? Lawyers at Jachimowicz Law Group have the resources to fight for justice and we have the legal experience to pursue the settlement you deserve. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience, and we have helped innumerable employees throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley obtain justice after instances of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is very common, unfortunately. For many people, it goes unrecognized, ignored or simply endured. If another employee has committed any of the following, you may be the victim of sexual harassment:

  • Unwelcome touching
  • Constant sexual discussions
  • Using sexually explicit language
  • Sending sexually explicit texts or emailing unwanted images
  • Continually requesting personal relationships outside of the workplace
  • Making decisions based on a breakup or feud
  • Using a position of authority to manipulate for sexual favors

These and many other examples may constitute sexual harassment against people of the opposite sex or of the same sex. Discrimination of any kind should be punished. An individual and their employer may be liable for damages related to harassment if they have contributed to or created a hostile environment. Many times, this harassment seems to simply be a normal part of the workplace. There is no excuse for this. While some examples of sexual harassment are overt, there are many times when such harassment permeates a company’s culture. Both are wrong and should not be tolerated.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced San Jose sexual harassment lawyer, call our Northern California employee rights law firm at 408-550-1732. We offer free consultations about sexual harassment and, in most cases, we accept such cases on contingency: if we do not win your case, we collect no attorneys’ fees.

What Rights Do You Have As An Employee Experiencing Sexual Harassment?

As an employee, you have certain liberties that cannot be violated in the workplace. Sexual harassment invades those rights. If you have been subject to inappropriate acts by another employee, a supervisor, or even a client or customer, contact a workplace sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. Your consultation is strictly confidential and we have the legal resources and experience to protect you from retaliation. Furthermore, if you are somehow “punished” by your employer because you have identified sexual harassment, you may be protected by federal and California whistleblower laws. Such laws are on your side and our attorneys can assert your rights.

Ally With An Experienced Worker Advocate

At the offices of Jachimowicz Law Group, located in San Jose, California, we have been providing successful and compassionate legal representation to Bay Area victims of sexual harassment in the workplace for several decades.

If you or a colleague is searching for a knowledgeable and skilled San Jose sexual harassment lawyers, contact us or call us at 408-550-1732 to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no substitute for having a committed and skilled attorney on your side.