How should you deal with workplace bullies?

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Most people assume that bullies and bullying is something that ends in high school. Unfortunately, too many people fall victim to workplace bullying, which can often rise to the level of harassment depending on the nature of the behavior.

While it is true that some people just do not get along, everyone must treat others with respect and dignity. If you currently find yourself on the receiving end of bullying at work, here are a few strategies to try.

Speak with the bully

If you feel secure in doing so, consider confronting the bully directly. Try to remain calm as you explain your point of view and which behaviors you find upsetting. In some cases, the person might not be fully aware of their behavior. They may also become concerned about reprisal from your workplace, which can motivate them to treat you appropriately. If you do not feel comfortable confronting the person, there are other steps you can take.

Keep track of what occurs

Tracking your interactions with the bully will help you build a solid case against them. Keep any text messages or emails you exchange. Document in-person interactions by recording the time and date, as well as what you discussed with your co-worker. The more information you compile, the easier it will be to establish wrongdoing.

Report the issue to management

If the behaviors continue, you can take your evidence to management to discuss the issue. You should also highlight any conversations you have had with the bully regarding their actions and your request. If you know of any co-workers with similar experiences, ask them to accompany you to provide their perspective. And if you feel uncomfortable reporting the issue to management, consult with your human resources department.

If your boss fails to intervene or the situation becomes more distressing, you may consider seeking outside legal guidance. Creation of a hostile workplace is against the law, and your employer must take steps to stop it should a situation occur.