What does non-physical sexual harassment look like?

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In the workplace, technological advancements make life easier for workers on a day-to-day basis. Many of the old problems of workplaces from the past have subsided, resulting in an improved working environment for some.

However, other issues persist even with the advancements. This includes sexual harassment, which carries on in many different forms.

Threats and coercion

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration discusses cases of sexual harassment that occur on the job. Many people do not know that sexual harassment takes different forms and that harassment involving assault is not the only thing workers have protection from.

Specifically, there is a type of sexual harassment that does not involve physical contact at all. In fact, many forms of harassment are non-physical in nature.

For example, threats and coercion both count as sexual harassment even if nothing ever comes to pass. This can include an employer threatening to demote an employee if they do not perform sexual acts, or an employer bribing an employee with bonuses or promotions in exchange for sexual favors.

Indecent exposure

Indecent exposure can also count as sexual harassment. This can include a worker sending a picture of their genitals or other nude or inappropriate shots, either through private messages or emails. It can also include a worker exposing him or herself on video chat.

Malicious conversation

Finally, even comments not sexual in nature but still addressing a person’s sex can fall under the umbrella of sexual harassment. This includes derogatory comments about a worker’s sex life or discriminatory comments based on their gender.

Workers who face any of this discrimination can take action in order to gain compensation for the damages they suffered.