What are the signs of workplace age discrimination?

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Workplace discrimination is against the law. Despite this, it still happens. Older individuals are particularly susceptible. Ageist attitudes have a way of negatively impacting employment experiences.

It can be difficult to tell whether someone is the victim of unfair treatment due to age. Everyone should know the indicators of workplace age discrimination before accepting a job.

Coded language

Bosses are unlikely to be overt in their preference for younger staff. That said, their inclinations might manifest subconsciously through the words they choose. Supervisors could talk glowingly about “fresh faces.” In the next breath, they denigrate others as “set in their ways.”

Unfair assumptions

Many harbor the belief that citizens over a particular vintage have permanent limitations. They assume older workers cannot operate computers or will never grasp social media. Assignment coordinators might worry about public perception. They fear what others will say when someone older performs a role dominated by young people.

Undesirable assignments

Younger workers might get opportunities for which one is ideally suited. Instead, older staff get stuck handling unfavorable duties while youthful employees leap ahead. No amount of overtime seems to alter this reality.

Social ostracism

Companies function best as teams. Toxic corporate cultures tend to be exclusionary. Leaving particular coworkers out of group lunches and after-hours get-togethers can be hurtful. It may also be an indicator of systemic injustice.

The law requires that staff members enjoy equal pay, promotional considerations and performance standards. Hard proof that violations are occurring can be tough to gather. Less tangible evidence may exist that a lawsuit is justifiable.