Sexual harassment of women underreported in trucking industry

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Some industries have higher rates of sexual harassment than others. Males tend to dominate many of the industries that have especially high rates of sexual harassment. Workers in some California industries are also less likely to report experiencing sexual harassment than those employed in others. Studies show that the problem is particularly pervasive in commercial trucking.

Per Transport Dive, about 200,000, or 7%, of the nation’s commercial truck drivers are currently women. A survey of about 500 respondents revealed concerning information about the prevalence of sexual harassment in trucking – and how often victims of sexual harassment in the industry actually report it.

How often sexual harassment occurs in trucking

The trucking industry continues to see a shortage of truck drivers, leading to a push for more female truck drivers. However, many females hesitate to enter the field, and some do so because they fear facing sexual harassment from their mostly male peers. It is not currently clear just how common sexual harassment is in commercial trucking, and this is because many believe the issue goes largely unreported. However, estimates suggest that about half of all women who face sexual harassment in trucking professions never report the treatment.

Why sexual harassment often goes unreported

The main reason many women neglect to report instances of sexual harassment in commercial trucking is that they feel as if nothing is going to come of them doing so. Many trucking companies lack clear sexual harassment policies, making them less likely to address complaints that do arise.

Advocates for women in trucking believe that making certain industrywide changes, such as hiring more female trainers for female truck drivers, should help reduce the sexual harassment problem plaguing the trucking profession.