What to look for in an employee handbook

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Anti-discrimination laws protect workers from unlawful discrimination and termination of their jobs. Sometimes an employer will attempt to hide retaliation by coming up with a supposedly legitimate reason to fire a worker. If your workplace has an employee handbook, now is a good time to look at it.

According to Business News Daily, an employee handbook has provisions that define the scope of a job and how an employer can treat workers. You may discover that your employer has treated you differently than other employees in disciplining or firing you.

A description of company policies

Businesses can include many different policies in their handbooks. You should learn what your employer expects of you. If you have followed workplace standards for conduct and performance, your employer may lack grounds to terminate you. Other policies can include how employees should use social media, interactions with vendors, and how the business disciplines workers.

Statement on policy changes

Your employer may argue that you violated new policies implemented since the production of the handbook. However, the handbook should first establish that the employer can change policies and how the changes may happen. Additionally, you should learn how you will receive notification of such changes.

Statement on terms of employment

The terms of the handbook could form the basis of a contract between you and your employer, which a court may recognize. However, the handbook might contain a statement affirming it is not a contract. The handbook might also establish a contractual basis for your employment if it fails to affirm that your employer hired you on an at-will basis.

Anything that your handbook says or does not say could make the difference, so it is important to review its contents carefully.