3 signs of age discrimination in a job interview

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As a job seeker over 40, you have a lot to offer. You may have years or decades of training and experience in your career field.

Unfortunately, this does not always prevent prospective employers from discriminating against you based on your age. When interviewing for a new job, be on the alert for these red flags.

Questions about your age

You might already know that employers in California should not ask for your age. However, they also should not ask questions that might help them deduce your age, such as the year you graduated from college.

Doubts about your tech skills

Some hiring managers assume that older applicants lack the necessary knowledge of technology or software to perform the job. Generally, it is normal for an interviewer to ask if you are familiar with certain programs. If a prospective employer asks a lot of questions about your proficiency with technology or how you have kept your skills current, this might be a sign that the employer is making assumptions based on your age.

Assumptions about your career goals

Employers often ask job applicants about their long-term career goals. As an older applicant, you might encounter employers who assume that you are nearing retirement and no longer interested in advancing your career. If your interview does not include questions about your long-term goals, you and your would-be employer may not be on the same page.

Age discrimination is an all too common issue for workers over 40. As you apply for jobs, you should be aware of subtle signs of age discrimination in the interview process.