What are your rights as a new working mother?

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These days, more people choose to have children and work at the same time, either due to desire or due to financial necessity.

Some mothers may worry about their ability to balance their work with their new position as a mom. Fortunately, rights exist which help new mothers adapt to their life after giving birth.

Accommodations for lactation

As stated by the California Department of Industrial Relations, all employers need to provide reasonable accommodation in the form of breaks for mothers who must express milk.

Though employers do not have to provide payment for these breaks unless they occur along already provided periods of rest, they must still make sure that break time happens when needed.

They also need to provide a safe space for women to express their milk. This space needs to have high hygiene levels and exist outside of public view. It cannot be inside of a restroom, nor can hazardous materials exist in the same space.

Accommodations for leave

New mothers may take up to 8 weeks off after giving birth and can receive a partial wage replacement during this time.

Parents can choose to use this leave all at once, or may split it up in a 12-month time frame. They may use this time to bond with their new child. This applies to people who give birth, as well as people who foster or adopt.

An employer cannot fire a new mother for taking this leave, which can alleviate some major concerns that some may have about missing work in the aftermath of their child’s birth.