When can you return to work following an accident?

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After a workplace injury, most employees want to know when they can return to work. Returning to work after an injury can improve your health and well-being. Still, you should never return to your previous position if you cannot perform job-related tasks without exacerbating the injury.

Before you can return to work, your employer, doctor and claims supervisor must agree.

Medical clearance

Before you can return to work, your doctor must clear you to return to your job. You should work closely with your treating doctor throughout the workers’ compensation process, including when you return to work. Ensure that your doctor understands your work, the risks and the type of stress it can have on your body. Your doctor will make an informed decision about whether you need to refrain from returning to work or if you can work in a different capacity.

If your employer offers you a temporary position until you heal fully, you need to discuss it with your doctor and claims administrator.

Workplace accommodations

Employers must provide injured and disabled employees with reasonable accommodations. For example, if a doctor says you can return to work, but only part-time, your employer must oblige with those directions. Other accommodations may include eliminating marginal functions you cannot perform, modifying existing equipment or reassigning you to a similar position.

If you have to work in a position with a reduced salary or if your employer has to reduce your hours because of the injury, you may still receive payment to make up the difference in your income.