3 tips for documenting workplace sexual harassment

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Experiencing sexual harassment where you work may make showing up each day difficult. It may, too, raise questions about who you might want to tell and how you might want to do it. If you decide to come forward about the sexual harassment you experienced in your California place of business, it may help if you keep records outlining everything you experience.

According to Chron., sexual harassment may take on many different forms. It may manifest as a supervisor, manager or colleague making unwanted sexual advances toward you. Conversely, it might involve coworkers, managers or supervisors showing you inappropriate images or jokes. If someone you work with touches you in an unwelcome and sexual manner, this may also constitute sexual harassment. When anything like this occurs, it is wise to do the following.

1. Make note of any witnesses

If anyone else was present when someone sexually harassed you, make sure to record their name. Try, too, to get that individual’s contact information, because you may end up needing it somewhere down the line.

2. Take photographic evidence

If someone sends you inappropriate texts, images or emails, be sure to not only save them but make copies in photo form.

3. Keep a detailed log

You also want to jot down as much information as possible about what happened to you and the circumstances under which it occurred. Include times, locations and as much detail as possible in your log.

Keeping a detailed record of the sexual harassment you experience at work has the potential to strengthen your case considerably.