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Amidst eBay Layoffs in Bay Area, Know What to Do if You Lose Your Job

In the tech business, being employed by industry giants often means getting the opportunity to perform meaningful work, at a decent rate of pay, and with plenty of workplace perks. However, it does not necessarily mean job security or protection from the types of layoffs that happen in other types of business industries. Silicon Valley companies have announced employee cutbacks over the past year that have left hundreds of people in our area searching for new positions. As Bay area employment law attorneys, we want you to be aware of your rights and the steps you need to take if you lose your job.

In San Jose, eBay Job Cuts Impact Local Residents

eBay recently announced a reorganization of the company, resulting in layoffs for more than 100 workers from the Bay area. The majority of those impacted are from the company’s newest location on North First Street and from the San Jose headquarters.

The layoffs are part of a larger consolidation, which eBay executives claims is geared towards allowing it to maintain maximum focus on the company’s global market. Those impacted include eBay directors, managers, data scientists, and software engineers, as well as several members of legal counsel.

The cuts are just the latest in a series of layoffs which have plagued the tech and communications industries over the past year. Cutbacks and company reorganizations have employees at some of the largest companies in the field worried that they might be next. Social media surveys indicate nearly two-thirds of workers at eBay and Tesla are concerned about losing their jobs, while more than half of all employees at companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Verizon, and SnapChat have doubts about their own job security as well.

What to Do if You Are Let Go

One of the first things you should do when you are let go is clarify whether it is due to company issues, such as a reorganization, or due to job performance issues. This will influence your right to certain benefits, including unemployment compensation. You will also want to consider any company provided benefits you may be entitled to through employment contracts you entered into when you were hired or those you were offered over the course of your job. These may include:

  • Severance package benefits;
  • Vacation time and sick pay;
  • Health care benefits;
  • Life insurance policies; and
  • Retirement plans and benefits.

Reach Out to Our San Jose Attorneys for Help

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