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Criminal Defense Lawyers And Former Police Officers Defending Clients In Santa Clara County, California

If you are seeking San Jose criminal defense lawyers to rigorously defend your rights with experience and skill, contact the San Jose law firm of Jachimowicz Law Group. We have decades of experience defending clients accused of the most serious crimes. Contact us for practical legal advice and the legal shield you need: 408-550-1732.

At the San Jose law office of Jachimowicz Law Group, our criminal defense team is headed by former police officer Albie Jachimowicz. Mr. Jachimowicz’s work in law enforcement gives our firm a firsthand understanding of police procedures and investigative techniques and an informed understanding of the weak points in a case.

When you need skillful and experienced legal help, contact our San Jose violent crimes defense attorneys. We defend people charged with these and other violent crimes:

We have decades of legal experience defending people against serious criminal charges. Our San Jose violent crimes lawyers have a network of specialists who can, when needed, help us build a strong case. These include private investigators to find witnesses and experts who can review evidence to find the truth and find errors that police may have committed.

We examine police procedures to determine if errors were made or if your constitutional rights were violated when police were gathering evidence. Unlawful search and seizure of evidence can result in that evidence being inadmissible in court.

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When possible, our goal in every criminal case is to get charges dismissed or to win a not guilty verdict. If the facts of your case make that impossible, we work to get charges reduced and to minimize the penalties you may face.

Our San Jose violent crimes lawyers offer a free face-to-face consultation and can work out payment plans with clients in most situations. Our violent crimes defense lawyers believe everyone deserves the highest level of legal defense after an arrest. We are typically able to create a payment plan that fits every clients’ needs. Contact us or call 408-550-1732 today. We defend clients throughout Northern California including San Jose, Santa Clara County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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