Fear of Criminal Charges Can Prevent Sex Workers from Reporting Crimes

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Fear of Criminal Charges Can Prevent Sex Workers from Reporting Crimes

The sex worker industry is booming throughout the Bay Area, the same as it is in other places throughout the state and across the U.S. Unfortunately, the fact that prostitutes are engaged in illegal activities makes them a target for acts of violence. Perpetrators know that they will be reluctant to report violent incidents or issues concerning forced sex work and trafficking out of fear of facing criminal charges themselves. As experienced San Jose criminal defense attorneys, we represent sex workers in these types of cases. We provide the legal representation victims need, providing caring support and legal protection while bringing those responsible to justice.

Crimes Against Sex Workers in San Jose

A string of violent rapes committed against prostitutes highlights the potential dangers sex workers face in our area and the reluctance they often feel in reporting crimes to local law enforcement. A 24-year-old Morgan Hill man was arrested and is accused of beating and raping numerous women over the course of the summer months.

The suspect allegedly picked up the women in various locations throughout downtown San Jose. Once he got them into his vehicle, he would take them to remote locations where he would physically and sexually assault them. Three victims came forward after the attacks. In addition to physical descriptions of the suspect and his vehicle, rape kits administered link him to the assaults via DNA evidence. Unfortunately, local law enforcement officials claim that there may be numerous other sex workers who are victims out there, as the suspect appears to be a serial rapist. However, many of them may be reluctant to come forward for fear of facing criminal charges.

Encouraging Sex Workers to Report Crimes

San Jose Police claim that sex workers are particularly vulnerable to violent crime due to their occupation. Historically, many felt that they would not be believed when reporting rapes, assaults, and other crimes or that they ran the risk of being charged with a crime themselves. Today, officers are more likely to aggressively pursue these types of cases while being sensitive regarding the sex worker’s victim status.

In addition to violent crimes committed against sex workers, there are also increasing concerns regarding the issue of human trafficking. Women, men, and children coerced into being sex workers are also often afraid to come forward due to the threat of reprisals from pimps and out of fear of not being believed. Under recent changes in human trafficking legislation in California, there is a greater awareness of their status as victims and more money available to provide the social services they need.

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