Studies have shown that racial discrimination is as high as ever

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California is one of many states that has strict employment laws that make it illegal for a business to discriminate against an employee because of their race. Unfortunately, research suggests that many businesses continue to do so. In fact, a recent study showed that nearly one-fourth of black employees in the U.S. reported experiencing workplace discrimination.

Racial discrimination has subsisted in the workplace

In total, the researchers interviewed 3,500 white employees, 2,000 black employees and 2,000 Hispanic employees. Nearly one-fourth of black and Hispanic employees reported that they’d experience racial discrimination, even though federal law makes discrimination illegal. Out of these people, the majority of black workers reported that they felt the discrimination was racially motivated.

The study revealed that black men and women reported similar levels of discrimination. Additionally, employees earning at least $90,000 a year reported slightly more discrimination than employees earning less than that amount. Younger employees were much more likely to experience discrimination than older employees. Overall, this study suggests that countless employers are breaking the law and might end up facing discrimination lawsuits. An employment law attorney could help people pursue a case against their employers.

Have you experienced workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination can range from outright harassment and insults to subtle microaggressions. Whatever the case, discrimination can create a toxic work environment that makes you dread going to work every day. Some employees might even join in once they realize that their supervisors won’t take action. Your employer might also deny you promotions and opportunities that could help you advance your career.