Is commuting dangerous to drivers?

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Workers and travelers may weigh the positives and drawbacks associated with driving or using public transportation. Many good reasons exist for driving. Convenience and expediency mean a lot to many California commuters. However, there are dangers associated with driving that riding a bus might prevent. Long-distance travelers may wish to think about using a train to get from point A to point B, as well. The risks driving presents could lead some to move away from vehicle travel.

Public transportation presents some level of safety

Commuting to work puts many people on the roads. Going to and from a place to employment may put someone on the road two times when the potential for a collision increases, morning and late afternoon. Mid-afternoon might come with added risks, too.

Traveling on a train that relies on tracks keeps the travelers away from many potential collisions with vehicles. A bus may travel alongside vehicles, but the bus’ size could provide a level of protection. The same might be true of a train. That said, buses do turn over, and passengers might get hurt. No method of travel comes with a “zero chance” of injury. Regardless, drivers and carpool participants may face risks public transportation commuters may avoid.

The dangers of traveling in a car

Drivers never know what type of vehicle might hit them, and some vehicles could cause significant damage. A pickup truck, SUV, or even a tractor-trailer might crash into a much smaller vehicle. The potential damage may be fatal.

Other factors might raise alarms among drivers. Distracted driving continues to be a problem, and the integration of new “infotainment” technology could contribute to even more negligent driving.

A personal injury lawyer might assist someone hurt when driving or taking public transportation. Accidents may leave someone unable to work and with medical bills. A decent settlement could alleviate some financial concerns.