Being road ready as a motorcyclist to avoid personal injury

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Gorgeous California roads make for scenic motorcycle rides. Cruising past the coast or through the forests when riding farther inland, many riders plan their outings. However, riding a motorcycle makes you vulnerable. What can you do to protect yourself from sustaining a personal injury while on the road?

Learn the rules of the road

Did you know that you need a special license to ride a motorcycle? Because the experience is so different from driving a car, you may have to take a written test and an on-cycle exam before the state issues you a license. In addition to professional driving schools, there are also rider-training programs to help get you ready.

Get to know your bike

Each motorcycle handles differently. Don’t take a new bike into busy traffic. Rather, practice riding it in an area where there’s space and little traffic. Learn how your bike handles when making turns or braking. Also, learn how to service the bike. Know how to check and replenish fluids and tell if there’s a leak and recognize when you need to take it in for maintenance.

Invest in the right gear

You already know that a DOT-compliant helmet is a must-have for motorcycle safety. However, don’t stop there. Heavy-duty boots, a jacket, pants and gloves protect you from road rash if you fall.

What happens if you’re in an accident?

If, despite your best efforts, you get into an accident, stay calm. Get off the road so that a passing car won’t hit you. Call the police and first responders. If your head hurts, it may be a good idea to keep your helmet on until an ambulance arrives.

If your crash involved another vehicle, file a police report. It ensures that you have the information you need if you file a personal injury case.