Making the roads safer for motorcyclists

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California is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts. The mild weather throughout the year in the southern region of the state is ideal for those who love to ride. However, the state is also home to millions of standard vehicle owners who use the same highway system and often do not realize when bikers are in the area. Even when they ride in groups to generate visual effect and make plenty of noise, they can still be startling to passenger vehicle operators. Safety for motorcyclists not only includes how they prepare to ride, but how aware other drivers are of their presence.

Tips for passenger car drivers

One of the primary steps passenger vehicle operators can continually take is listen for motorcycles while driving. Talking on a cellphone or listening to loud music in a vehicle can reduce this ability. In addition, keeping windows completely rolled up can be problematic as well, and even a loud conversation in a vehicle or a passenger watching an electrical device can create confusion. It is important to control distractions inside the vehicle.

Safety tips for bikers

Bikers in California understand their safety concerns well, as they are 29 times more like likely to die or receive a personal injury in a mishap. Not only should bikers wear all pertinent protective gear and follow all highway rules and regulations, but it is vital to inspect the bike before beginning each and every ride. Checking tire pressure is especially important, as is checking lighting for those who will be riding after dark.

Another aspect of motorcycling in California is the fact that lane-splitting is actually a legal move that riders can make when in transit. Lane-splitting can be very tempting in congested traffic like that experienced in California. This is a practice that should only be done when it is absolutely safe, and also done at reduced speeds for safety concerns of all drivers.