Taking a look at drug paraphernalia charges

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Drug-related charges have the potential to affect many aspects of your life, from your employment and personal relationships to your finances and reputation. Some people find themselves wrongly accused of a drug-related offense, while others fail to secure a favorable outcome in court because they do not understand their options or prepare carefully.

Sometimes, charges arise as a result of the possession of drug paraphernalia. There are many different examples of unlawful drug paraphernalia and it is important to go over relevant laws.

Examples of illegal drug paraphernalia

According to California Legislative Information, it is against the law for people to possess instruments, paraphernalia and devices used to smoke or inject illegal substances, such as a methamphetamine pipe or a cocaine spoon.

However, it is important to note that the law makes an exception to syringes, in certain instances. In order to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases, possessing a syringe or hypodermic needle for personal use will not lead to paraphernalia charges under a current law that lasts until 2026.

The consequences of drug paraphernalia charges

If you are facing charges as a result of possessing drug paraphernalia, you need to take steps to safeguard your future. Aside from fines and even the possibility of time behind bars, you could lose your job or struggle to find work in the future. Moreover, drug-related charges are often damaging for parents going through a custody dispute.

Make sure that you closely evaluate the details surrounding your case and understand potential strategies to secure a more favorable end result in court.