What factors can lead to a motorcycle accident?

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Although you may enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle on the open road, you may not realize just how many dangers there are to driving alongside bigger vehicles.

Learning about what factors can lead to a motorcycle accident can help you.


According to the United States Department of Transportation, the skills you often use to drive a car do not usually apply to a motorcycle. The handlebars and the amount you can turn the wheels impacts maneuverability while you are driving, especially on slippery roads.

This can lead to an accident if a car or truck pulls out in front of you. Unlike bigger vehicles, trying to swerve or stop suddenly to avoid another person on the road can lead to you crashing and falling off your bike.


The average size of a motorcycle can affect more than just steering. Since many truck drivers sit higher up in the front of the vehicle, they may not see you as they attempt to switch lanes or turn.

Even a small error from a driver, such as opening their door in the street at the wrong time, can lead to a devastating injury for a motorcycle rider.


While small pieces of debris may not intimidate people in cars or trucks, they can have a serious impact on someone on a motorcycle. A careless turn from someone into your lane or an unplanned spill can leave you scrambling to control your vehicle and keep your traction on the road to prevent a worse accident.

Knowing what endangers a motorcycle can help you as you plan out your trips.