What should I know about work permits as a parent?

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When the time comes for your child to get his or her first job, it is important for you to make sure he or she is ready to go. Part of this process involves understanding the rules for work permits.

The California Department of Industrial Relations explains children under the age of 18 must have a work permit to legally secure employment in the state. There are only limited exceptions, such as children who will work on a family farm.

Permit process

The Permit to Employ and Work is a requirement for every minor who wishes to work. Employers must ensure they have this documentation before putting the child to work. The document comes from the child’s school. As the parent, you should make sure your child gets the paperwork from the school. If school is not in session, the board of education should be able to provide it. Otherwise, students can usually get it from the high school office personnel.

Your child will get the papers from the school, fill them out and provide them to the employer. The employer must complete the documents and give them back to your child. Your child then returns them to the school who will issue the actual work permit. Your child then must give that permit to the employer. The permit is valid until the next school year. Expiration is five days after the start of school.

Entertainment differences

A work permit for entertainment is different than your regular permit. The Labor Commissioner’s Office issues these permits. Both the child and the employer have to have permits for minors to legally work in this industry.

Securing a work permit prior to employment is mandatory unless your child meets the very limited exceptions. It is important to plan ahead to secure the permit so your child does not have to delay beginning work.