How to keep young drivers safer on the roads

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Every driver must demonstrate their ability to operate a vehicle safely and prove that they understand traffic laws in order to get a license.

Every parent of a teen driver should also encourage their teen to develop safe driving habits to help reduce the risk of accident and injury.

Create a pre-driving routine

Establishing safe habits as teens learn to drive makes them become routine. Teach them to always put on their seatbelt before turning on the vehicle. Then, adjust their seat and mirrors so they can see clearly before putting the car in gear. If you teach these habits from their first day behind the wheel, they become a natural part of driving.

Make sure they know their vehicle

New drivers need to know how to keep their vehicles functioning safely. Make sure they understand all the functions and controls in their vehicles. Show them where the hazard lights are, how to change the brightness of the lights on the dashboard and what the warning lights on the dashboard mean. Demonstrate how to check their tire pressure and how to recognize when their car needs maintenance.

Encourage them to limit passengers and distractions

When drivers get distracted, accidents can happen. Young drivers often get distracted by friends in the car with them. Limit the number of passengers allowed in their vehicle at any time. Encourage them to avoid eating while driving or texting in the car. Explain the dangers of anything that pulls their attention from the road and takes their hands off the wheel.

Warn young drivers about the dangers of road rage. Encourage them to avoid engaging with aggressive drivers and focus on getting to their destinations safely, regardless of the rudeness of other drivers.