What does frontal lobe damage look like?

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Most people know that head injuries have a negative impact on victims no matter how severe they are or where on the head they happen.

However, many people do not know that injuries to different areas of the brain can result in different types of effects that a victim may have to deal with. What does frontal lobe damage look like, in that case?

Areas of the frontal lobe

Physiopedia talks about damage to the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe of the brain actually contains multiple lobes and makes up a third of the brain’s total weight. Many of the body’s crucial functions are located in this area.

The areas of the frontal lobe and their functions are as follows:

  • The motor cortex, which handles voluntary movement
  • The frontal eye fields, which handle voluntary eye movement and scanning
  • The premotor cortex, which deals with smooth movements and motor programs
  • Broca’s area, responsible for motor control of speech
  • The supplementary motor cortex, responsible for procedural memory and preparation for movements

It also includes the prefrontal cortex, which holds responsibility for a vast number of tasks. This can include concentration, impulse control, abstract thinking, working memory, executive functions and personality or emotional traits.

Effects victims suffer from

Many of the most notable injuries to the frontal lobe will involve changes to a person’s memory or personality. Loved ones of victims often notice the latter the most, especially in instances where a person starts to lash out or seems prone to anger or agitation when this is out of character.

Victims often regain their abilities, skills and normal personality after the injury heals. But for some, they have to live with jarring changes for years or even a lifetime.